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Rabu, 21 April 2010

Creative Zodiac - ThemeForest WordPress Theme

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Creative Zodiac - Portfolio & Blog Wordpress Theme

After 3 months of fun development, I proudly announce my newest Wordpress theme “Creative Zodiac”. Now you probably ask what took me so long, right?

The whole theme is preloaded with JQuery. This is the only one fully JQuery powered Wordpress theme on Theme Forest and probably on the whole internet too. It’s not just a simple minisite, it’s a fullblown Wordpress experience with all the bells and whistles. Please take your time and explore every corner of this theme because it’s really filled up with my originality and unexpected features. I would even call it as my master-piece because I really tried to do my best here.

CreativeZodiac is mainly a Portfolio and Blog theme. It’s suitable for all creatives and bloggers out there, but I can also imagine it as a stylish virtual business card. The possibilities are endless, it all depends on your imagination and interest. Plus the whole theme is so simple and easy to use thanks to extensive theme options panel and custom write panels which makes everything quick and breeze! (17.78 MB)


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