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Kamis, 22 April 2010

Joomla! Security - RSFirewall! 1.0.0 rev 6 Full version + module + plugin

Joomla! Security - RSFirewall! 1.0.0 rev 6 Full version + module + plugin

The RSFirewall! Status is a brief notification module that informs you that the Joomla! Security extension is up and running, and shows you how protected your website currently is.

You can check here if RSFirewall! is active, if you have the latest Joomla! version and if the Security Extension is up to date. Also, the module tells you whether the System Lockdown is active, when did you last scanned your Joomla! installation, and how exposed your Joomla! website is to intrusions.

Read more about the RSFirewall! Status В»

Joomla! Security - System OverviewThe Joomla! System Overview shows a detailed status of your Joomla! installation. You'll be able to see here the latest security alerts generated, the latest RSS security feeds released by the RSJoomla! team and by the Joomla! security team.

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Joomla! Security - System CheckThe RSFirewall! System Scanner is an on-demand scanner that checks file permissions, checks for file changes and if you have the latest version of Joomla! and RSFirewall!. The RSFirewall! Scanner also checks for malware patterns and altered files.

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Joomla! Security - Activity LogThe Joomla! Activity Log displays a list of activity logs that you can sort by Alert Level or Date of the event. Each logged information has a brief description of the problem and a link to a detailed explanation of the problem.

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System LockdownThe Joomla! System Lockdown is an active shield that should be activated when the website is published. The Lockdown utilty will not allow access to certain sensitive tools such as the Joomla! installer, and it will also make it impossible for hackers to access your protected areas..

RSFirewall! - Joomla! Security Benefits

* Offers a powerful protection service
* Your website will be always protected against the newest threats
* The Active scanner will track and block any intrusion attempt such as SQL injection
* You won't have to worry about security leaks once you set the website in Lock-down mode
* Don't worry about 3rd Party extensions vulnerability. RSFirewall! protects all your Joomla! website

RSFirewall! - Joomla! Security - Features

* Allows you to scan and fix vulnerabilities (no expert knowledge needed).
* Actively scans Joomla! sensitive file and denies hacker attempts to change them.
* Filters any request, such as POST, GET, etc. and blocks SQL injection attempts
* Notifies you by e-mail or even by SMS when a certain level of Alert is generated
* Always keeps you informed about the latest security updates
* Sets the Joomla! Installation into Lockdown mode making it impossible for anyone to access your website's protected areas
* Denies administrator take-overs


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