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Jumat, 23 April 2010

rssfeedsurl script

Create your rss feed URL portal site, like the one I use at my site

This is a great site because people will submit content of your site so no worries about content because blog owners will submit feeds of their site to get back link.

The real good thing in this site and script is that your site will display fresh content from time to time that search engines love.

This package include 16,000 rss feeds url database that help your new site start big.

There is also an admin of this script where you can add rss feeds, approve newly submitted feeds, delete feeds, add new category, and manage the site content.

Some feature of the script:

- allow webmasters/bloggers to submit their rss feed url
- Ability to check if the submitted feed is working or not
- All keyword search will be saved in the database to build more pages
- Display ebay ads for affiliate links
- Organized the listing by categories
- Ability to display the latest entries in every feed
- Display random feed
- Admin where
- you can add new feeds
- Approve or deny submitted feeds
- Delete or edit rss feeds from the database
- Manage the categories

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