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Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Album Uploader plugins

Picasa Album Uploader||245KB

Provides a button to be installed into the Google Picasa Desktop to directly upload files from Picasa as WordPress media. Once the button has been downloaded and installed in Picasa, images can be selected in Picasa and uploaded to your WordPress blog with a simple click of the button within Picasa.
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If you are not logged in to your blog, you will first be directed to the login page and then return to the upload screen to select the upload options.

This plugin is based on the initial works by clyang and the examples from Google for the Picasa Button API and Picasa Web Uploader API.

What's Next?
Provide uninstall method
At upload, optionally create a new post using the WP shortcode [gallery] to publish the newly uploaded files.


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