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Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

Far Manager 2.0 build 1438 Beta

It has been proven that good looking invoices and quotes encourage customers to pay quickly. Professional looking documents can also increase the number of returning customers. Can you honestly say that your invoices truly represent your company as they should? Don't let your company's image suffer...

QuickInvoice is being used by more than 2700 companies and independent business owners in North America including business firms and offices, manufacturers, retail stores, repair shops, mail order companies, medical clinics, graphic and web site designers and many others. All these companies can't be wrong about their choice!

Create and print all these documents in just a few minutes:




Credit Memos

Purchase Orders

QuickInvoice benefits:

Very easy to use

Works right after installation

Almost no configuration required

Reasonably priced

QuickInvoice features:

The main objective of QuickInvoice is to make invoice creation an easy task. Despite the fact that QuickInvoice is a very powerful invoicing application, it has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. Unlike some other accounting applications, QuickInvoice uses plain English terms. Therefore, you don't have to be an accountant to use our software.

QuickInvoice allows you to create and print an invoice in virtually no time. Unlike other programs that require you to go through numerous screens and hard to understand options, QuickInvoice allows you to create a new invoice in just 3 easy steps. Click here to see the 3 easy steps now.

By using QuickInvoice you can:

Concentrate on other business tasks instead of spending hours on your invoices

Impress your customers with clean, easy to read and understand invoices and quotes

Know exactly who owns you money and when their invoice will become overdue

Keep track of payments made by your customers

Keep all your previous invoices for future reference

Create sales reports (global or by customer) to see how your business is going

Download @

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